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New release: “Skelly” swimsuit/bodysuit w/ full appliers!

New release: "Skelly" skeleton swimsuit/bodysuit

Wear “Skelly” as a bodysuit as part of a fun spooky costume, or use this versatile piece as a swimsuit. This swimsuit/bodysuit comes in full system layers for classic avatars, and also includes appliers for your favourite mesh body part(s).

  • Slink Physique applier HUD included.
  • #themeshproject installers included – install once and it’ll be forever in your StyleMode HUD!
  • Omega applier HUD included. Omega will work on Lolas (and many other mesh breasts) as well as G. Inc. Perfect Body. Your Wowmeh, Luck Inc., Belleza Venus, Brazilia, Eve, Kitties Lair and [BANNED] parts can be made compatible. For all other compatibilities, please check lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.ca.



I can’t wait to see how you’ll style the “Skelly” bodysuit! Send me a link to your look on flickr or your blog and I’ll be sure to feature it on the alaskametro<3 pinboard.

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All Metallic Pack nail polishes have been updated with Omega appliers!

Metallic silver/gold nail polish from alaskametro for Second Life

I have updated the Marketplace listings for all Slink metallic nail polish packs to also include a bonus Omega nail applier HUD! You can use this applier on Eve, Kitties Lair hands/feet, Brazilia, Wowmeh, and Belleza Venus – just follow the instructions to enable Omega support from the Love N Lust website. (Video tutorial here, Belleza Venus tutorial here.)

If you want to try the system out, the Basic Pack is a FREE non-watermarked tester for both Slink & Omega.

Have you already purchased a metallic nail polish applier pack? Contact me for a Marketplace redelivery to get the updated version.

The Big Show

I’m confirmed for The Big Show Round 5, taking place in November 2014! I’ve already created a soft, velvety bodysuit for your enjoyment which you can preview on Flickr here. I’ll also have a fun nail gatcha with Omega/Slink appliers… because I know you all can’t get enough of mani/pedis!

It looks like I’ll have to make some leggings too, as they’ve been voted for the next release. I love shiny things, so I’ll likely be creating some metallic spandexy tights for you all.


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New Release: “Giselle II” metallic bikini w/ full appliers

alaskametro "Giselle II" metallic bikini

I’ve redrawn the classic “Giselle” bikini, originally sold in 2006 under the OPIUM brand, and created appliers for the most popular mesh body parts! “Giselle II” is now available in gold, silver and bronze on the Marketplace.


Shop now


“Giselle II” can be worn by classic avatars (i.e. system avatars,) and comes with full system layers. The swimsuit also comes with appliers for Slink Physique, Lolas / The Omega System, and installers for #themeshproject. The Omega System can be made compatible with Wowmeh, Phat Azz/Cute Azz, Brazilia, Eve, Kitties Lair, Belleza Venus, and many more mesh bodies – see here for a tutorial!

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October’s facebook gift: “SpookyGlam” nail polish appliers! Plus: The Big Show, v2 skin update

Facebook gift for October: "SpookyGlam" nail polish

If you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, you should, because I offer a monthly gift! October features “SpookyGlam” nail polish appliers in 15 shiny shimmery fun patterns for Hallowe’en. The nail polish kit includes appliers for both Slink mesh hands/feet and Omega appliers. To get your nail polish, like the facebook page and click the “Special Promotions” link. You’ll find a secret code and instructions on how to redeem it in-world!

The Big Show

I’m excited to be participating in The Big Show for November/Round 5! I’ll be creating some clothing compatible with both classic avatars and appliers for meshy body parts! (#themeshproject, Slink, and Omega.)

What would you like to see at The Big Show?

What should I create for The Big Show in November?

  • Patterned leggings (60%, 6 Votes)
  • Bodysuits & basic tops (40%, 4 Votes)
  • Lingerie (10%, 1 Votes)
  • Stockings (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 10

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Upcoming v2 Skins

I’m excited to announce that I’m extending the appliers for the new skins to include #themeshproject.

Preview: "Rose" skintone on #themeshproject "Fierce" head

Preview: Rose v2 skin with additional makeup layers on #themeshproject “Fierce” head

Each skin pack will include:

  • Full Slink appliers to support Physique, Visage, and the Avatar Enhancement hands/feet
  • Full Omega appliers, which can be made compatible with: Lolas, Luck Inc., G. Inc., Wowmeh, Belleza Venus (Slink fit only), Eve, Kitties Lair, Brazilia, and more.
  • Full #themeshproject applier installers for bodies and heads.
  • Classic avatar skins with and without a combination of hair bases, eyebrows, and “lady gardens”.
  • 45 makeups (the “Extended” pack). Yes, 45 of them. Yes, there will be appliers for Visage and #themeshproject heads too.
  • 15 Slink/Omega nail appliers (the “Extended” pack).
  • Freckle versions.

The initial release will just be three skintones: “Rose”, “Bronze” & “Cacao.” Rose and Bronze will come in blonde, ginger, brunette & raven hair options. Cacao will come in brunette & raven. Or, just buy one and layer your own brows & hairbases on the bald/browless version! If they sell well, I will extend the skins to the full 8 tones I currently offer.

What’s different from the existing skins? I’ve revised the face shading, redrawn the lips, adjusted the bum, and most importantly, supported 3 major mesh body applier systems. I’ve built in the eyebrows and offered hair base versions to free up your tattoo layers for more makeup.

These are handdrawn skins, so they’re a little different from the usual skins out there. They’re softer with less harsh shading and look nice with a variety of Windlight settings.

It’s taking a little longer than expecting to build the skins, especially all the makeup variations for Slink Visage. I’m hoping to release the skins before the end of the month, and they’ll be priced stupidly low at only $250 per skintone/hair colour combination. Get on the mailing list to be the first to know when the skins are out!

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Tutorial: Belleza “Venus”, alaskametro, and Omega appliers

There’s a lot of reviews out there already for Belleza’s highly-detailed mesh body “Venus”. Many reviews point out the mesh body’s perks (so to speak ;) ) and offer critique. In this tutorial, I just want to detail how to use Omega appliers on Venus. These appliers work with the mesh body by using a relay HUD, unlike other Omega kits.

alaskametro skins on belleza w/ "Giselle" swimwear

Belleza “Venus” mesh body with alaskametro<3 “Rose” skin and “Giselle II” swimwear applied

Collect the Belleza Venus kit from Omega in-world. It’s L$1 for group members. The kit contains a relay HUD to wear when using Omega appliers.

Screenshot showing the Omega relay HUD with the "Giselle II" Omega swimwear applier HUD.

Screenshot showing the Omega relay HUD with the “Giselle II” Omega swimwear applier HUD.

Make sure you’re wearing your Omega relay HUD (right click + “Wear”, it’ll attach to your screen.) Now, wear your Omega applier HUD for your favourite outfit. Clicking to apply a texture should work on your Belleza Venus body.

Omega applier outfit

Popstar Industries Plastic minidress on Belleza “Venus”

Above, I’ve donned the plastic minidress from Popstar Industries using their Omega applier. I’m also wearing the Cyber necklace in Smoke, “Veronica” hair by Wasabi Pills, Slink Visage “Emma” face, Slink hands and feet, and the upcoming “Rose” v2 skin w/ Slink/Omega appliers.


I have some updates about the upcoming v2 skins. At this time, I cannot support #themeshproject. (Sorry, I haven’t received a dev kit, so it’s not in the cards anytime soon.) Belleza has partial support: the body does (as mentioned above) work with Omega; unfortunately I can’t apply a skin to hands or feet due to the non-Omega-compliant UV map. That said, the body does support Slink hands and feet. Belleza Venus needs torso and leg muscle at appearance slider 50 to fit the Slink Avatar Enhancement add-ons. On my slender body, it looks a bit like a football player! I’m sure it looks fine on thicker body types.

But look at that bum. I said I wasn’t going to make this a review post, but Venus has an amazing backside.

Hem hem. I digress…

Belleza mesh body w/ alaskametro nails

Belleza “Venus” body with alaskametro

In the above photograph, I used one of the Belleza default skins on Venus that’s a great match for the “Rose” skintone (worn on the head). I’m also wearing my own manicure in gold chrome. All future alaskametro<3 nails will work with Belleza (and any other Omega-compliant mesh hand/foot!!) as well as Slink. I’m also wearing “Veronica” by Wasabi Pills again, Slink Visage Emma with “Rose” appliers, and not much else. Ooh la la!

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