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anyBODY Round 5 now open! Come grab some exclusive nail polish applier packs

alaskametro nail polish applier - Desert metallic packs

anyBODY SL Round 5 is open, and I’m pleased to bring you two exclusive metallic nail polish packs in a new colour scheme: Desert!

This nail polish includes appliers for Slink (version 2, materials), Omega (materials), Maitreya Lara hands and feet, and Eve hands and feet. Each metallic pack is only L$25.


shop the anyBODY event inSL


Desert reflects my own love of the landscape and the beauty and colour we can often find in the remote and desolate. It also now means all the single nail polish colours are assigned to a megapack (Rose was the odd colour out, Sage is the old “Surplus” and Sky is the old “Pool” from the old glove nail polish) My focus now will be on improving the existing HUDs with options for Eve and Lara, and materials, and I hope to have an update soon for all who are waiting for it!


anyBODY round 5 alaskametro booth

Here’s a snapshot of my booth design for anyBODY Round 5. Also at the event, you can find all my applier makeup and their free testers… so if you want to try out alaskametro<3 makeup inworld (or score some freebies, as the testers are full version makeup layers/appliers), here’s your chance! I defined both “vanity” and “beauty” in my window displays… because SL gives us all a chance to play with both (whatever they mean to us!)

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Marketplace update: v2 skins, applier makeup, new eyebrows/hairbases/ladygardens

v2 skins for Second Life by Alaska Metropolitan

I’ve updated my Marketplace listings with all the Skin Fair goodies, so you can now shop for new skins, makeup, and eyebrows for your Classic or mesh avatar! All items come with appliers for Slink, Omega, and #themeshproject. All skins and lipsticks have Loud Mouth appliers.


Shop the marketplace for beauty products


Check out the original Skin Fair 2015 post for full details on the new releases.

April’s Facebook gift

"Chromed" materials nail polish appliers

This month’s facebook gift is a nail polish applier set in 8 metallic chrome tones. Features appliers for Slink (materials), Omega (materials), Lara and Eve. You will need the March Slink update to use the Slink applier! To claim your gift, check the Special Promotions tab on the alaskametro<3 facebook page… and don’t forget to press “Like”!


alaskametro<3 on facebook


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Video: “Hope” ribbon dress for Fashion for Life

design, stage, production, modelling – Alaska Metropolitan
jewellery – Maxi Gossamer
shoes (green dress, grey dress) – Co57
shoes (pink dress) – Slink
hair (green dress) – Little Bones
hair (grey dress) – Tableau Vivant
hair (pink dress) – Lelutka
music – Lasers – Amsterdam (freemusicarchive.org)
poses – Vista Animations

The “Hope” ribbon dress in green, grey & pink is only available at Fashion for Life 2015, March 21 – 29.


Visit alaskametro<3 at Fashion for Life

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“Hope” exclusive ribbon dress & applier leggings at Fashion For Life

Fashion for Life 2015 is now open! This shopping event spans 7 entire sims of shopping & entertainment to benefit Relay for Life/American Cancer Society. Make sure you stop by before it’s over! Fashion For Life runs from March 21 – 29, 2015.

“Hope” ribbon dress to benefit Fashion for Life/Relay for Life

Come visit my store on the Milan sim to get the exclusive* “Hope” ribbon dress!

Hope ribbon dress for Fashion for Life

“Hope” is in 5 standard sizes and is materials ready. “Hope” comes in three colours, to represent loved ones I’ve lost due to the cancer. The grey ribbon for brain cancer, the green for kidney, and the pink for breast cancer. The dress is L$150 with 100% donated to the cause.

* The dress will be available after the event in other colours, but will not be for sale again in these colour combinations.

Fashion for Life bonus: Diane damask leggings

Bonus “Diane” applier/system shiny leggings are included for Classic avatars, Slink, Omega & #themeshproject. Slink & Omega appliers feature satiny shiny materials!

Exclusive nail polish appliers – donation gift

Fashion For Life - exclusive donation gift nails

I’m offering an exclusive donation gift to all who donate at the store kiosk. Any amount helps the cause! Just look for the table with the gift/donation sign, make a donation in any amount, and you should automatically receive the nail polish applier gift. The gift includes 15 nail polishes for Slink, Omega, Maitreya Lara & Eve.


Visit alaskametro<3 at Fashion For Life


Learn more about Relay for Life in Second Life

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alaskametro<3 at Skin Fair 2015!

They are out! They are out! They are out!

v2 skins are finally released at Skin Fair 2015. I’ve been spending the last few months getting every pixel perfect. My skins are handdrawn with care and designed to suit a variety of Windlight conditions, avatar shapes and sizes, and mesh bodies.

v2 skins for Second Life by Alaska Metropolitan

v2 skins for Second Life by Alaska Metropolitan

Currently, the skins are available in 4 tones: Ivory, Rose, Bronze, and Cacao. The remaining 4 tones will be available within the next month or so.

Each skin comes with the following:

  • Freckled and non-freckled base (for Classic avatars)
  • Loudmouth applier
  • Slink applier for hands, feet, Visage and Physique
  • #themeshproject installers
  • full Omega appliers
  • boxed set of manicures/pedicures for Omega, Slink, Eve & Maitreya
  • boxed set of makeups for Classic avatars, Slink Visage, Omega & #TMP

The boxed makeup set is a must-see as it includes 45 options, with a possible 2,000 combinations.

Makeup available for v2 skins by alaskametro

Each skin is only L$250 per tone!

Eyebrow options sold separately

Ginger eyebrows for v2 skins by alaskametro

I am also updating my brows… new eyebrow packs include 3 shapes, hairbase, and two ladygarden options. Appliers are included for #TMP, Omega & Slink.

There are currently 6 colours for sale at Skin Fair, including the FREE TESTER in “Soot.” L$25/ea. They’ll be up on the Marketplace soon, at which time I will be discontinuing my old brows.

Exclusive makeups at the Skin Fair

Cleo eyeshadow for Second Life beauty

“Cleo” is a cat’s-eye style liner with a jewel-tone matte eyeshadow lid. “Peridot” is the free tester.

Smokeshow eyeshadow for Second Life beauty

“Smokeshow” is a smokey, blended eyeshadow in tones inspired by the desert in Spring. A hint of shimmer on the upper lid and in the inner corner adds depth. “Clay” is the free tester.

"LiquidShine" lip gloss for Second Life avatars

“LiquidShine” is a stained lipstick with a shimmery lipgloss on top. “Orchid” is the free tester.

All new makeup comes with appliers for Slink, #TMP installers, Omega appliers, and Loudmouth for the lipsticks. L$25 each.

Older makeup

All older alaskametro<3 lipstick and eyeshadow makeup sets have been updated with appliers and are available at Skin Fair! The lipsticks have been completely redrawn and should fit other skins slightly better, though you should always try the free tester first. The marketplace listings will be fully updated soon. If you would like the upgrade, do not buy the makeup again. Instead, contact me for a redelivery! (The price has been increased due to the extra work of making appliers. I still feel they’re very affordable! Note that redeliveries are not charged extra.)

What are you waiting for?

Visit Skin Fair 2015

My booth is at: Harbor Point (226, 190, 41)

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