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Look of the Day – Are those Space Pants? ‘Cos your butt…

…is out of the this world! *groan*

Look of the Day featuring Karma space-themed leggings & Casa del Shai

Look of the Day featuring Karma space-themed leggings & Casa del Shai

It’s been far too long since I’ve put together a look with alaskametro<3 products. I wanted to show off the new “Karma” leggings (The Big Show exclusive) in a look I might just wear in First Life.

I’m wearing the following alaskametro<3 goodies:

Shape: “Kira” size medium
Skin: Upcoming v2 “Bronze” in raven black
Makeup: Upcoming v2 exclusives
Teeth alpha: Free!
Manicure: “Diva/Gold” for Slink
Lashes: “Diva”
… and the “Karma” galaxy themed leggings, only at The Big Show for now!

Get everything at the Marketplace

More goodies:
Sweater: *Shai* women’s slouchy sweater (from Kustom9)
Hair: Tuty’s “Genius” high ponytail
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer “Shell Teardrop” (only L$100 for a fatpack!)
Eyes: Ibanez Luminous eyes in Opalescent (Free!)
Shoes: Co57 Lasercut shoes in Bronze

…and I’m wearing the Slink Physique body, and Slink hands + feet.

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The Big Show Round 5 – alaskametro “Valena” & “Karma” exclusives

The Big Show appliers store - November

The Big Show is now open for November/Round 5! Come visit my store for your first chance to pick up the exclusive “Valena” velvet bodysuit, and the “Karma” space-themed leggings!

Valena velvet bodysuit for Second Life

“Valena” is a soft, velvety bodysuit that wraps around forming a low cut V neckline. Comes in Midnight black, Golden ivory/cream, Rust red, Teal green, Plum purple and Thunder grey.

Karma space-themed leggings for Second Life

“Karma” is space-themed leggings with a subtle shine. They are patterned in 5 different variations of nebulae & galaxies. Thank you NASA.org for the open source photos!

Both Valena and Karma are L$25 ea. per variation, and come with full system layers, Omega System appliers, Slink Physique appliers, and #themeshproject installers.


“Byzantine” Gacha

"Byzantine" nail applier Gacha

Come to my shop at The Big Show & play the gacha! “Byzantine” nail appliers include 3 patterns each (Fresco, Mosaic, & Lattice.) 12 colours total, 3 rares (8% chance). Slink Avatar Enhancement & Omega appliers included for both pedicure and manicure.

After this month, “Byzantine” will replace the “ShinyLove” nail gacha at the in-world gallery, so make sure you grab all the shinies before it’s too late!

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Marketplace update: new shapes, tattoo makeups & non-mesh nail polishes

I’ve done some Marketplace listing maintenance, in anticipation of the v2 skin launch!

Here’s what’s changed:

  • All pre-2012 makeup tattoos have been combined into one freebie mega pack!
  • All older skins have been removed and are no longer for sale.
  • All non-Slink nail polishes (i.e. system layer/textures) are combined into one mega pack for L$25.
  • Post-2012 makeup tattoos are now available in 6 colour packs only. I’ve also updated the preview image to show the makeups on the new v2 skins.
  • I’ve released 3 shapes designed for the v2 skins. One of these is actually my own shape… if you ever wanted to look like me, here’s your chance!

Now for some deets!

New Shapes: “Alaska”, “Lauren” & “Kira”

Second Life female shape - Alaska

Alaska is my own shape, and fits a standard size XS. She is very tall and slender. This would be a good starter shape for modelling.

New Second Life female shape: Kira

Kira is a bit more realistic at 5’7″ and fits a medium. I love the face on this shape, it’s very sweet and young looking.

New Second Life female shape: Lauren

Lauren is super tall and slim, fitting a standard size S. I created her as a more ethnic look, but she looks great with any skintone.

All shapes are L$25 each, copy/mod to make them your own, and come with a backup notecard of all measurements.


Buy on the Marketplace – click here


Free Makeup Tattoo Mega Pack

All pre-2012 makeups are in one package now for easier shopping. This includes 37 different looks! These are designed for alaskametro<3 skins but might work with others as well. The (light) versions are for paler skins, while the (dark) are designed to work with darker tones.

alaskametro makeup pre-2012

alaskametro makeup mega pack - all


Get it on the Marketplace


Nail Polish for Classic Avatars Mega Pack

All system layer nail polishes are now in one package. This includes 40 colours total! I’ve updated these to include a tattoo layer as well as gloves and socks.

alaskametro classic avatar nailpolish

alaskametro nail polish mega pack - all


Buy on the Marketplace for L$25

Get the free tester

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New gift for November: “Karma” leggings “Cosmos”

facebook gift: Space-themed leggings for Second Life

Join the facebook page at facebook.com/alaskametro to get your free monthly gift! November brings the “Karma” leggings (upcoming release for The Big Show) in an exclusive “Cosmos” space pattern. Full appliers included for mesh bodies!

Check the Special Promotions tab on the facebook page for more details on how to redeem your special code to get the gift.


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New release: “Skelly” swimsuit/bodysuit w/ full appliers!

New release: "Skelly" skeleton swimsuit/bodysuit

Wear “Skelly” as a bodysuit as part of a fun spooky costume, or use this versatile piece as a swimsuit. This swimsuit/bodysuit comes in full system layers for classic avatars, and also includes appliers for your favourite mesh body part(s).

  • Slink Physique applier HUD included.
  • #themeshproject installers included – install once and it’ll be forever in your StyleMode HUD!
  • Omega applier HUD included. Omega will work on Lolas (and many other mesh breasts) as well as G. Inc. Perfect Body. Your Wowmeh, Luck Inc., Belleza Venus, Brazilia, Eve, Kitties Lair and [BANNED] parts can be made compatible. For all other compatibilities, please check lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.ca.



I can’t wait to see how you’ll style the “Skelly” bodysuit! Send me a link to your look on flickr or your blog and I’ll be sure to feature it on the alaskametro<3 pinboard.

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